Why Join NWIBRT?

The Northwest Indiana Business RoundTable provides a collaborative forum for Northwest Indiana businesses and industries to advance the safety, quality, and value of construction and maintenance projects.

NWIBRT believes it is a corporate responsibility to respect and embrace diversity by:

  • Valuing every individual
  • Being committed to inclusiveness as a core operational principle
  • Demonstrating fair and equal treatment for all
  • Encouraging diversity and cultural awareness

Member Benefits

  • Participate in ongoing forums where business owners and colleagues can share information, discuss items of mutual interest (such as job site safety, project management, productivity, labor relations, facility maintenance), and network with their peers.
  • NWIBRT offers its members access to seminars, trade shows, and special presentations of relevant topics. Experienced speakers and local panel leadership teams are brought together to create valuable learning opportunities for all involved.
  • NWIBRT provides an information service that distributes pertinent informational materials concerning manpower needs, availability projections, items of general interest, and minutes of meeting proceedings to all NWIBRT members and associate members.
  • Make connections with NWIBRT by leveraging their link as a Local User Council (LUC) to the Construction Users Round Table (CURT).  Network with over 40 LUC groups nationwide and expand your business’s resource base.

Eligibility for Membership

Active Membership

Northwest Indiana Businesses who have been, are currently, or will be involved in construction or construction-related purchases from contractors in the construction/maintenance industry are eligible for NWIBRT membership.

These members may frequently be referred to as a “User of Construction” or an “Owner Member”.  Non-users of construction may be admitted to membership under special circumstances; however, a member’s primary business shall not be the provision of construction-related services.

Active members are entitled to all benefits of the NWIBRT, including voting privileges.

Annual Active Membership dues are $1,500.00.  Fill out the form on the right and select “Member”.

Associate Membership

Any person, firm, or corporation interested in the construction/maintenance industry activities of the Northwest Indiana area that is not eligible for active NWIBRT membership may subscribe to the Information Services of NWIBRT and become an associate member.

Associate Members enjoy various activities, events, and membership benefits, but may not vote or attend Membership meetings.

Annual Associate Membership fee is $350.  Fill out the form on the right and select “Associate Member”.

Joining NWIBRT

To begin the membership process, please either use our online form (below) or send an email expressing your intentions to Andrea M. Pearman, Executive Director (andrea@nwibrt.org).

NWIBRT does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or individuals with disabilities, including limited English proficiency.

Register Your Company or Organization

If you are registering a new company or organization, please fill out and submit the form below. If you are joining an existing company or organization that was previously registered on this site, please register as a new member here: Add New Member »

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