The Northwest Indiana Business RoundTable (NWIBRT) is an independent, non-profit council of local firms committed to the improvement of construction and maintenance projects in Northwest Indiana. Its purpose is to promote safety, quality and cost-effective solutions to challenges faced by owners, contractors and labor in the region.

NWIBRT provides a number of ongoing forums in which peers and colleagues can meet to share information and discuss items of mutual interest, such as job site safety, training, conductibility, project management, productivity, labor relations and facility maintenance.

The RoundTable offers frequent seminars, trade shows and special presentations featuring both national experts and local leadership. It also acts as an information service which assembles and distributes pertinent information to its members and subscribers about regional manpower needs and availability projections, items of general interest and minutes of meeting proceedings.

Other activities include the annual NWIBRT Construction Awards, which recognize area companies with an outstanding commitment to workplace safety, and the annual Reliability Conference, which keeps our members updated on equipment reliability, maintenance methods and systems. The Beyond Safety Conference and Expo is an annual event featuring construction industry safety professionals demonstrating new equipment, practices and procedures. Each year, attendees have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits by attending the expo’s many classes and seminars, and the trade show floor is always filled with the latest innovations in safety equipment. NWIBRT has also taken the lead in initiating the revised BCRC Substance Abuse Policy, and plays an ongoing role in seeking and identifying further improvements to the policy.


Minimum Acceptance Requirements for Equipment Reliability

MARFER Blank v01.10 Planned 2011 Available Soon
MARFER Companion Blank V01.10 Planned 2011 Available Soon
MARFER v01.00 2006-09-29 Download
MARFER Companion (Excel) v01.00 2006-10-04 Download

Motor Repair & Testing Specifications

AC Motor Repair Spec Blank v02.10 Planned 2011 Available Soon
AC Motor Repair Spec v02.00 2005-08-16 Download
AC Motor Repair Spec v01.03 1999-03-01 Download
DC Motor Repair Spec Blank v02.10 Planned 2011 Available Soon
DC Motor Repair Spec v02.00 2006-05-12 Download
DC Motor Repair Spec v01.03 1999-06-01 Download
AC/DC Motor Load Test Spec Blank v01.00 Planned 2011 Available Soon

Pump Repair Specifications

Centrifugal Pump Repair Spec Blank v02.00 Planned 2011 Available Soon
Centrifugal Pump Repair Spec v01.00 1998-10-27 Download
Centrifugal Pump Repair Spec v00.00 1996-10-01 Download

Contractor Drug and Alcohol Policy

NWIBRT members have a strong commitment to provide a safe work place for their employees and other persons working or visiting on their premises. In order to assist in maintaining a safe working environment, and to protect company property, this policy is a condition of contracting with NWIBRT.

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